Welcome to Neuro-Psych Nerd!

Did you know that the human brain has billions of neurons that serve communication functions in the nervous system? Without them, humans couldn’t think, walk, eat, feel, and more that most of us take for granted.

What is the blog about?

Throughout my blog posts, information will be conveyed about neuroanatomy (how the brain is formed), disorders, and neurophysiology(how the brain functions) . The blog is meant to bring accessible information to sight.

Having the factual and correct information is essential for making decisions about others and one’s own body. Due to my interest in memory type neuroanatomy functioning, a lot of my knowledge will relate back to memory type behaviors or functions.

I will inform factual information and attack misconceptions head-on. The goal is to give the information and let people take that information to make decisions about everyday life decisions using the information.

Addressing questions

I plan on answering questions of readers as well. Email racheleinhaus@icloud.com with any questions or curiosities about the nervous system or behaviors, and we can address it with the blog. This feature will create more of a two-way conversation regarding essential topics.

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”


The nervous system is far from random and is, in a way thoughtfully mapped and planned out to serve functions like deciding to continue learning and reading Neuro-Psych Nerd’s blog.

How do you plan on using information learned about the nervous system in your body?

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