What is considered abnormal in the brain?

The brain is very intriguing, and a lot of clinical personnel look at the brain and classify and diagnose different disorders and people with brain abnormalities. A brain abnormality can be looked at on a scale and looks into how well the person functions with themselves and with society. The spectrum ranges from abnormalities in brain composition but functions but impossible to function in society alone.


At the beginning of the following video on a different website, a neuroscientist discusses the difference in abnormalities and her experience of Tourette’s syndrome.

Is the brain being considered abnormal a bad thing?

Can Social Isolation Lead to Opioid Addiction?:

It is not a bad thing to be abnormal depending on the extent and where the abnormality lands on the spectrum and where it is headed on the spectrum. In Alzheimer’s disease, it is a progressive disorder, so it is worrisome to see the loss in brain matter that is seen. With Tourette’s, it is not a bad thing if the person can still function and has quality of life still.

 It is a bit subjective and personalized in analyzing where on the spectrum of abnormality functionality wise. One could also analyze brain scans to see differences in those that have functional differences and see biological losses in working brain mass as that seen in Alzheimer’s in previous blog posts.

What is next for neuropsych nerd?

Next, we will be discussing what research-oriented people and non-research-oriented people can do to help the world during the covid-19 pandemic with a video call from a psychology(neuroscience and behavior) professor at Northern Illinois University.

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